Enzyme Polishing Peel – $45

Gentle, but highly active enzymes, glycolic acid and lactic acid speed up cellular turnover to brighten, tighten, and lighten your skin in just one treatment. A perfect treatment to start with for the first-timer or before a big event. This is a great maintenance treatment that any skin type can benefit from.

O2 Lift – $80

Exfoliates with enzymes at the cellular level with an oxygen masque and prevents signs of aging with plant stem cells.

Beta Lift Peel – $80

This beta hydroxy acid peel acts very quickly and effectively. The result of this treatment is outstanding. Smoother skin, immediate oil reduction, and reduction of active acne within 24 hours.

Acne Facial – $80

A beta hydroxy acid cocktail. This safe and outstanding resurfacing modality has a dual benefit. It reduces and treats all kinds of acne while resurfacing and smoothing the skin after just one treatment.

Lightening Lift Peel – $80

This mega-lightening treatment gently blends lactic acid and a cocktail of lightening and brightening agents to reduce sun spots, brown spots and redness caused by rosacea.

Wrinkle Lift Peel – $80

This ultra-resurfacing glycolic and retinol treatment exfoliates dead surface skin cells, leaving the skin firmer and healthier. Visibly reduces the appearance of fine lines.

Microdermabrasion – $125

Aluminum oxide crystals are used to gently remove the top layer of dead skincells. It helps to promote growth of new cells in the basal layer of the dermis, helps to clean pores thoroughly, and is an excellent pre-treatment to strengthen the result of any peel.

Add Neck/Chest/Arms to Any Facial – $20