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Jeuveau – A NewTox is on the Block

In February of this year, Jeuveau (pronounced Jū-vō) got its FDA seal of approval, marking the FOURTH Botox-like product on the market. So what makes this product unique?
Well Jeuveau is inspired and rhymes with “nouveau”, a French term for new. It is the first toxin that is designer made for purely aesthetic use.
Jeuveau is positioned as a designer or premium Botox. Jeuveau and NewTox are interchangeable terms.
How will Jeuveau compare to Botox? According to clinical trials, both of these products are great with consistent results. Jeuveau will be used in a similar fashion to Botox, unit for unit. There will be subtle differences. Those involved with the Jeuveau clinical trials have favorable feedback on the product, and state patients liked the treatment as well.
NEWTOX $8/unit (introductory price)

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 $9 per unit

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Hope to minimize your facial lines and wrinkles? If you don’t want surgery, you’ve got other options.
One new approach, the plasma-rich protein (PRP), combines plasma and platelets from your blood with other rejuvenation techniques.
It triggers collagen production, which is the latticework of the face, so a PRP facial helps tighten, smooth and improve skin tone.
Here’s what you need to know about PRP facials (sometimes called blood or ‘vampire’ facials).
Creating platelet-rich plasma
PRP facials are medical, rather than cosmetic procedures. A small sample of your blood is taken, then spun in a centrifuge to extract a concentrated sample, creating what is called platelet-rich plasma (PRP).
It is the growth factors in PRP that help the body to heal.
What happens during treatment
The plasma is spread on your face and then a micro-needling device is used to penetrate it across your face for absorption of the proteins.
Microneedling is exactly what it sounds like — a procedure that creates a series of tiny, superficial punctures using sterile needles.
Both PRP and micro-needling stimulate collagen growth, and are more effective when done together.

Enhancing the result
For facial areas with deeper lines and wrinkles, hyaluronic acid fillers like Juvederm and Botox can be used.
The fillers help to restore volume that the face loses naturally with age, while Botox relaxes facial muscles from contracting.
Botox can help reduce dynamic lines that form from muscle overuse, such as the “crow’s feet” around the eyes.
We can use all of these modalities so that, acting together, they treat the whole face.
If you decide to have a PRP facial, prepare to have your blood drawn.
For best results, you will need 1 to 3 treatments about one month apart. You may also need additional maintenance procedures as time passes.
Overall, most patients notice better skin tone, skin-tightening and volume after these treatments.
What you should know
The PRP procedure is safe for almost everyone, except for those with clotting conditions that require blood thinners or those with other blood-related health issues.

PRP with micro-needling
add Botox (25 unit minimum) and get $50 off
add Juvederm (1cc) and get $100 off

Series of 3 PRP with micro-needling

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