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​Old Fashioned Facial


This treatment boosts antioxidants to reduce signs of aging. Enzymes exfoliate the dead surface cells that make skin feel rough. The black pepper detox mask increases circulation in the skin. Excellent for both men and women!

Microneedling with Platelet Rich Plasma

$700 Face

$300 Neck

$500 Knees

Whether it’s dealing with acne scars, sagging neck or knees, there’s now a treatment that doesn’t use drugs or manipulative therapies.
Instead it uses blood. As gruesome as it may sound, ‘vampire therapies’ — using your own blood to treat a specific complaint — are an emerging field in medicine.  Blood is even being investigated as a way to halt aging.

For example, the smallest cells, platelets, release growth factors, proteins that send signals to accelerate tissue repair and regeneration in skin.

Growth factors are an essential part of the body’s healing process. When injury occurs, platelets are the first cells to arrive at the injured site and release growth factors which start to heal and repair.​

Many blood treatments provide so-called platelet-rich plasma therapy (PRP) — essentially a preparation of the patient’s blood that is loaded up with these healing platelets.First a syringe of blood is taken from the patient’s arm, spun in a centrifuge to separate out the red blood cells, leaving a clear, yellowish serum (plasma) that’s rich in platelets and anti-inflammatory white blood cells.
The platelets are concentrated to four or five times the number found in the equivalent amount of blood.​

‘Many studies suggest that platelet-rich plasma may help in the healing process by concentrating the growth factors all at once in the correct location.
And because the treatment is derived from your own body, the risk of adverse reactions is greatly reduced, making the process safe.

$9 per unit

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