10 Skin Tips From An Experienced Nurse Practitioner

A healthy, glowing, beaming skin shows that your psychological state of being is in perfect serenity and your personal life is characterized by stability rather than unrest. A skin marred by wrinkles, sunspots, freckles and sunburn does not really give off positive vibes to people around you does it?

We have prepared a small guide to ensure that you skin remains healthy – even when you hit your 70s.


1) Apply sunscreen before going out

It’s an open invitation to the harmful rays of the Sun to rain down upon your skin, when you leave your house without applying a proper sunscreen to your skin. Make sure it has an adequate SPF rating of at least 15.


2) The right order in applying skin products is key

Don’t just mindlessly smear a series of skin products onto your face in one go. Apply the thinner ones with more active ingredients first, followed by the thicker ones with less active ingredients. You risk nullifying the effects of the thinner cream because the heavier one is blocking it from firmly contacting your skin.


3) Sleep a lot more

Your skin is prone to brown spots and redness due to sleep deprivation. The worst thing that could happen is premature ageing. During deep sleep when the REM cycle kicks in, it triggers your skin tissue and cells to repair themselves. Remember that sleep is nature’s way of helping your skin look glorious after a hard day’s work. The best part about it – It’s free.


4) Don’t bath too often with hot water

Hot water baths are guilty of removing essential oils from your skin. To make matters worse, the blood vessels dilate in order to dissipate some of the heat which only ends up making your skin markedly redder.


5) Your own hands can traumatize your skin

Each time you press that mildly annoying pimple in an effort to ‘press’ it out of existence, your skin gets damaged and the bacteria from the zit is pushed deeper inside the pore. You only end up adding to the discoloration and skin acne.


6) Aim to be psychologically healthier

Psychological disorders, such as stress, anxiety and tension, have the tendency to reflect upon your physical wellbeing, resulting in a breakout of skin problems such as acne. Your psychological getup reflects upon your physical appearance – so chill out.


7) Distance yourself from dairy products

Milk and cheese contain a hormone called IGF-1 which induces acne in your skin and helps the preexisting ones grow even bigger. They also release sebum which clogs your pores, further encouraging the growth of acne.


8) Feed on watermelons

Watermelons contain ample reservoirs of both lycopene, beta-carotene and Vitamin C which together protect the skin from sun damage and helps with skin regeneration while also strengthening your hair.


9) Drink more water

Sometimes the more clichéd items are the most overlooked, but they’re popular for a reason. Water is no exception to this rule; it helps with transporting oxygen and nutrients to the skin. Sometimes supplementing its effects by drinking green tea, which is high in anti-oxidants, is the order of the day.


10) Eat more walnuts

They contain a significant amount of alpha linolenic acid. When the body’s supply of this acid is depleted or limited, it leads to dry, scaly and unhealthy skin.


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