Microneedling with PRP and IDerm Combo

Ultra Skin Tightening and Acne Treatment

Microneedling with PRP and IDerm Combo

In this treatment combo, you will receive a Microneedling with PRP the first week.  Microneedling is a noninvasive procedure whereby micro needles are used to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and tighten skin. The micro needle stimulates collagen production in the skin without damaging the skin. When microneedling is combined with PRP, the therapy may then be referred to as a “vampire facial” or “collagen induction therapy”. Microneedling with PRP aka “vampire facial” is good to get rid of acne scars, dark spots, and wrinkles. Vampire facial enhances your look and makes your face beautiful and glowing.

Vampire facial is the facial used to lift the face. This facial will be done by taking the plasma out of your blood and then micro-inject it in your face with the help of tiny needles.

The following week, you will receive the I Derm facial to speed the healing process and increase vitamin absorption.I Derm is a clinical styled deep pore cleansing and firming facial treatment for all complexions. Customized for various skin conditions, this service restores and maintains correct pH balance and contour. Milliamp currents disinfect and condition after thorough extraction. Anti-inflammatory, hydrating, unparalleled results after just one treatment. A non-surgical facelift for adults, acne treatment breakthrough for teens.

Get a free I Derm with a regularly priced Microneedling with PRP


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