Six Ways to Maintain a Youthful Appearance

From the age of 25 and onwards, signs of stress and time start to show almost on everyone. With a few simple tricks you can look really young. After all, it is better to be safe than sorry.
Time now to look at a few simple secrets to make you look younger.

1.Keep Away from the Sun

Sun rays tend to age the skin very quickly. Tanned skin may definitely be pleasing to the eye; however, the looks are temporary while their impact is lasting. Extended exposure to sun increases aging. Use a sunscreen with a SPF factor and try to stay clear of the sun as much as possible.

2. Drink more Water

You’ve probably heard the significance of water quite a lot and it’s for a good reason. If your skin lacks moisture it will wilt and age much faster than the skin that is kept watered. If you see a plant that has begun to wilt, simply giving it a little water will cause it to regrow. Your skin behaves more or less in the same way.

3. Do Not Smoke

Among the long list of health problems associated with smoking, it also significantly hastens the process of ageing of the skin and contributes to the wrinkles appearing on the skin.

4. Beauty Treatments

There are plenty of anti-aging treatments available that can peel away the upper layers of the skin to reveal a new looking surface. Even if the helps with better results, there are many side effects associated with these types of techniques such as peeling or laser treatments. Common beauty treatments include facial, mani-pedi, upper-lip wax and body scrub among others.

5. Home Facials

There are a few simple home remedies to make your face look younger. The secret lies in natural properties which provide exceptional benefits. Apply a cucumber mask consisting of half peeled and sliced cucumber, 2 chamomile sachets, green tea (1 bag) and 5 grams Aloe Vera gel. Mix cucumber with aloe vera to make a smoothie. Once ready, take it to the fire and allow the infusion with tea and chamomile. It should be a bit thick. Allow it to cool down and then apply it to your face with cotton. Rinse after ten minutes using warm water.

6. Remove Dark Circles and Eye Bags

Imagine that you wake up one morning with those terrible dark circles under the eyes. How would you get rid of those? Take a half glass of water and prepare a mixture of chamomile. Take a small spoon of coffee and put it in the refrigerator. Allow the chamomile mixture to cool down, then take these two sachets and apply one in each eye for 3 minutes. The take the coffee spoon and apply it under the eyes. This will make the circulation reactivate and it’s actually very effective.

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