Jessica G.

I’ve been going to Cloud 9 Medi Spa for a few years now. I have always liked and appreciated how easy it was to, not only make appointments and get in pretty quickly, but how quickly my treatments are completed so I can continue on with my busy lifestyle and business. With that said, every time I have gone to an appointment, I’m greeted by John. John is ALWAYS smiling and welcoming. He is very informative and great at setting appointments to get your needs taken care of as soon as possible, so you can ALWAYS look and feel your best. To sweeten the deal even more, you have Kim. She is LITERALLY my beauty magician! She listens to your needs/wants and performs. If there is anything you are insecure about, or want to improve, Kim is your Wonder Woman. Now that they are at their new location, they hired and amazing nurse to help prep you for your procedure, creating a team that is attentive and competent, I couldn’t be happier. I walk into Cloud 9 feeling frumpy and leave feeling glamours and sexy. (Even though you don’t see the full results for a couple days after if you’re getting Botox.) If you’re considering Cloud 9, but still on the fence (for whatever the reason), get off and make your appointment TODAY! They’re so awesome, you’ll be mad you didn’t make an appointment sooner.

**Also, I bring my make up with me to fix in the car. Depending on what you drink or eat prior up to 24 hours prior can make you bruise at times. They also clean the area that they work on, obviously, so if you wear cover up, you’ll have to reapply. **