Five Ways to Reduce Eye Bags


Your eyes speak before you do; all your emotions are reflected in your eyes. If you are angry – your eyes will be angry. If you are happy – your eyes will reflect with the shine. If you are tired, you will notice bags under your eyes. These bags are actually puffiness caused due to a few reasons. Here are 5 simple tricks and tips to get rid of these under eye bags easily.

1.    Cold Cucumber Trick

As shown in movies and spa photos, placing cold cucumbers on the eyes for 10 minutes can reduce the puffiness. The coolness of the cucumber relaxes the eyes and elevates the strain. Cut a thin slice, place it on your eyes and sit back and relax while it does the trick. Cucumbers have anti-inflammatory properties which reduces wrinkles and puffiness.

2.    Tea Bags Have Other Uses Too

Chose any tea you like, either black tea or green tea. Dip the bag in hot water, and then allow it to cool. Place the tea bag on your eyes and wait for 20 minutes. This technique will reduce the puffiness and make you feel relaxed and re-energized.

3.    Chilly Spoons

Simply placing chilled spoon on your eyelids can help you reduce puffiness. Place two spoons in the ice box and wait for them to become ice cold. Take them out and place them on your eye lids. Wait till they become warm and repeat the process until you see a difference. This is a quick fix for puffy eyes before you get ready to apply makeup.

4.    Baby Oil

Baby oil has many benefits. Apart from being an excellent moisturizer, it can help you reduce puffiness from your eyes. Mix a few drops in water and apply to your eyes using cotton balls. The trick is to dip cotton, squeeze out the access and place them on your eyes for about 20 minutes. Baby oil is rich in Vitamin E and helps in reducing those under eye bags.

5.    Massage Your Eyes Every Morning

It can be impossible having an extensive routine where you can soak your eyes for 20 minutes to reduce the puffiness. What you can do, however, is give your eyes a quick massage every morning. Start by massaging the inner corner of your eyes, all the way to the outer corner in circular motions. Do this for a few minutes to look well rested and fresh.

A healthy diet and exercise routine can improve your health. A healthy body results in a clearer and healthier skin without any under eye bags. Make sure that you are getting enough rest and are not allergic to anything. Allergies can also cause under eye bags to inflate. Following a healthy diet plan and exercise routine can enhance your beauty and add years to your life.